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June 28th, 2012

WeSC Chambers by RZA Street Headphones Review

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Written by: THR Staff
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WeSC Chambers by RZA Street Headphones Review. Buy your WeSC Chambers here Useful Links Supplied by My 2nd Channel Website Twitter Facebook
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  1. harryscrots00

    Some ppl are just dumb he designed the headphones so how are they copies of other ones? And he’s a producer who actually makes music not with a cheap beatbox and sample program in mamas basement. Wu-Tang!!!! And y’all wanna buy beats go for it. But don’t hate on these or other brands otherwise u look like a douche bag

  2. lukeholmes36

    they are still well known…. it doesn’t matter how they are known

  3. YuckyMucky15

    mine broke after 4mnths :(

  4. mohommad ebrahim kochra

    how would you compare this to the fanny wang dj 2001?

  5. albedo0point39

    Yeah, because the Wu Tang Clan are famous for making audio electronic products aren’t they?
    But if you’re the sort of sucker that falls for this sort of advertising, then be my guest!

  6. SuperiorAuthority

    Unknown?  ROFLMAO

    Wu-Tang Forever!

  7. SkyProtonFood

    it’s pronunced Rizza…it’s not an acronym!
    RZA > Dre

  8. 0Ddawg22

    lmao wtf

  9. kevinbrian14

    guys wesc is a branded name -.-

  10. MGsoloMan5500


  11. MGsoloMan5500

    @ethanmohammed you must be retarded I have a studio HD and they are total shit any $100 sennheizer

  12. MGsoloMan5500

    RIZZA not R Z A aarrgghhh but overall a good review

  13. impactvideosofficial


  14. mitchellftessier

    Pronounced ‘rizza’**

  15. luisM316

    100% approved by niggers

  16. luisM316

    wu tanggggg clan

  17. bloodyrecordzcc

    im a rza fan but ill rather stick to professional brands

  18. Pccheng1

    Yeah!!! the 2000 reviewer xD

  19. warriorzin

    You can find these headphones for $169.99 on Musicians Friend. Seems a bit more reasonable than $230

  20. mrcuccuou

    that does not sound promising…

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